Pokemon Mod for Palworld

Palworld Pokemon Mod, which no longer looks anything like Pokemon, is available for download

Remember the Pokemon Mod for Palworld? Well, we have some good and some bad news. The good news is that the mod is now available for download. The bad news is that it no longer looks anything like Pokemon.

Modder ‘ToastedShoes’ has changed everything in this mod in order to avoid Nintendo’s wrath. And, the result is as underwhelming as it can get. Ash is not recognizable at all now and Pikachu has turned into a… rat? Jesus Christ.

Now look, I get it. The modder wanted to avoid any possible copyright infringement. However, the appeal of that mod was its Pokemon creatures and characters. Without them, it’s pointless. So why would you even use this mod? I mean, by default, Palworld has creatures that are closer to Pokemon than those found in this mod?

Long story short, ToastedShoes released this mod to gain more viewers and followers. That’s sad. Because as a Pokemon Mod, this is as underwhelming as it can get. Personally, I wouldn’t be using it. But hey, if after reading all this you still want to give it a go, you can go ahead and download it from this link. Just make sure to temper your expectations.

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Have fun and stay tuned for more!

We modded BOOTLEG Pokemon into Palworld