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Here’s how you can enable Ray Tracing in Palworld

Modder ‘R3MIND_OFFICIAL’ has shared a way via which PC gamers can enable Ray Tracing in Palworld. All you have to do is edit and change some values from the game’s configuration file. That, or you can download a modded config file.

To prove that Ray Tracing works, R3MIND_OFFICIAL shared the following comparison screenshots. And yes, from what we can see, there are some ray-traced effects. For instance, we can see better reflections and better ambient occlusion.

The modder claimed that this solution adds partial Ray Tracing effects. So, don’t expect full Ray Tracing from this tweak. There might also be some visual glitches or issues. After all, the game does not have any native Ray Tracing support. Still, this is a tweak that may interest owners of high-end GPUs.

Alongside the new RT effects, this mod also improves the quality of Global Illumination and PostFX effects. It will also force the game to use the DX12 API.

You can download this Ray Tracing Mod from this link.

In other news, Palworld has just surpassed 8 million sales. This game sells like hotcakes, so it will be interesting to see whether it will be able to hit 10 million sales.

Speaking of Palworld, we also suggest taking a look at these other mods for it. A couple of days ago, we shared a mod that enables AMD FSR 3.0 Frame Generation. Then we have this cool Spyro Mod. Praydog’s UEVR also appears to be working with Palworld, allowing you to experience it in VR. And as for the Pokemon Mod, there is currently no ETA on when – and if – it will come out. So, don’t expect a download link for it anytime soon.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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