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Praydog’s UEVR Beta allows you to play 11,000+ Unreal Engine games in 6DOF VR

Praydog has just released a beta version of the UEVR project, allowing PC gamers to experience over 11,000 UE games in 6DOF VR. This is a must-have for all VR gamers. So, don’t sleep on it.

UEVR works on a universal level and out of the box and doesn’t contain any code about a specific game. For many games, you can just press “inject” and start playing. However, for more experienced VR gamers, there is a lot that you can tweak.

A lot of triple-A UE games work perfectly fine with this mod. For instance, you can play in VR, games like RoboCop: Rogue City, Returnal, Atomic Heart and Octopath Traveller. Hell, even some UE5 games like Jusant and the Tekken 8 Demo are compatible with it.

UEVR is not only a mod or a single tool, but a whole modding framework. You could launch a game in VR and get a nice, 6DOF, more bare-bones experience on a specific game. Then someone could spend months making full manual reloading mechanics, etc. with UEVR to take the VR experience even further. UEVR also has tools that can make things like adding motion controls to a game that was never designed to have motion controls super easy and without writing a single line of code. Again, this is an incredible VR project.

You can go ahead and download the first public beta version of UEVR from this link. Below you can also find a showcase video for it.

Praydog’s Free UEVR Public Beta Is Now Available! (Play 11,000+ Unreal Engine Games In 6DOF VR)

I’ve also included the following videos. The first one gives some performance tips for VR gaming. The second is a guide to offset the camera so that it’s closer or farther from the character.

Have fun!

UEVR - Gameplay Perspectives

UEVR - Performance Tips