n2y provides a pathway for independent learning through a new academic intervention program solution, Inspire



The Inspire Intervention program targets skills and accelerates growth with an all-in-one active learning solution based on general education standards

Huron, Ohio, October 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — n2y, a provider of comprehensive technology-based solutions for students facing unique learning challenges, today launches Inspirea new school intervention program that guides struggling and at-risk students from teacher-led instruction to independent learning as they gain the skills they need to succeed in school and in the life.

The new solution provides educators with research-based instructional strategies that support the development of key academic, critical thinking, and generalization skills that will ultimately help bridge learning gaps. Inspire gives teachers effective assessments to identify skill gaps, as well as lesson plans, explicit teaching resources, and interactive activities to address them.

Inspire is aligned with key K-2 English language arts and math standards, where research shows the greatest need. Resources for K-2 ranks are now available with 3-5 ranks available in January 2023.

“Inspire proves that struggling and at-risk students can make tremendous progress with the right support,” said n2y’s chief innovation officer, Alli Vice. “It provides a pathway for students to build confidence as teachers progressively give learners more control – from explicit instruction to guided practice and independent learning.”

Inspire is aligned with general education standards and can be used across the school – from special education classrooms and resource rooms to those receiving RTI intervention in general education classrooms. It improves student engagement by extending learning beyond the classroom and into all subject areas, and meets the needs of all students, regardless of their strengths and areas of growth.

It also saves teachers time by creating detailed reports showing student progress and growth with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and can help track Response to Intervention (RTI) progress. . And because Inspire offers teaching, assessment, and reporting capabilities, schools no longer invest time and resources in multiple solutions.

Via Inspire:

  • Students achieve meaningful results through an evidence-based, active learning approach that supports generalization.
  • Teachers meet the needs of each learner with highly effective assessments that identify skill gaps, facilitate differentiated intervention and provide essential performance data.
  • Administrators demonstrate RTI success and IEP compliance with progress tracking tools and reports that convey student progress and growth in a school or district.

“Inspire has been designed to meet the needs of struggling students who need extra, targeted support to learn,” Ed Holmes, said the CEO. “We look forward to empowering teachers with this solution so they can close learning gaps and get students back on track.”

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n2y is changing the lives of special education administrators and teachers, therapists and paraprofessionals, and all the students they serve. Its award-winning solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of the whole child and help unique learners meet their state’s standards. Multiple integrated, evidence-based and research-based solutions empower educators to teach and students to succeed. Differentiated, standards-based academic instruction, enhanced by proactive behavior management, combines with IEP’s collaborative development to support each student’s learning. For more information on these solutions, visit n2y.com and join n2y on Facebook and Twitter.


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