Independent training provider rated ‘excellent’ for working with NEET learners


A growing independent training provider has been praised for its work in improving the life chances of former NEET learners as it achieves the highest possible rating from Ofsted.

Inspectors from the education watchdog praised Midlands-based Nova Training, giving it marks in all areas following an inspection from July 11-14.

The training provider, which has an allocation of £ 2.9million from the skills funding agency and £ 6.2million from the education funding agency for 2015/16 , offers study and apprenticeship programs in 28 different centers in the West Midlands and East of England.

The inspectors found that Nova learners “find direction in their life and career”, with managers making a “significant contribution to improving the life chances of learners” and most progressing to employment, continuing education or an apprenticeship.

Their report said: “This is an exceptional achievement given the very low starting point for most learners in the curriculum and the range of obstacles many have faced in life, including delinquency, poor school attendance, exclusion, drug abuse, bullying and caring. . “

Students were able to “re-engage” in learning through “competent teaching and support from staff”.

Inspectors said: “Teaching and support staff share a strong commitment to enabling their learners and apprentices to discover and realize their full potential. “

As a result, inspectors found that students “speak confidently about their work and are making rapid progress towards obtaining their qualifications.”

Apprentices “get very good job skills that their employers value” while curriculum learners – who make up the majority of Nova students – are “extremely well prepared for their jobs and future careers” through experience. custom work.

Learners ‘develop their English and math skills well’, with all students progressing at least one level in these subjects.

Although many start without a GCSE C grade, the “majority of learners pass their English and math tests on the first try.”

“Highly individualized” learning programs help “greatly inspire, engage and motivate” learners with high needs, according to the report.

Leaders and managers “focus heavily on the ability of learners to succeed and refuse to accept learner disabilities as a ground for non-achievement,” the inspectors found.

The report also praised the supplier’s “strong continuous improvement culture” established by managers, which has ensured that “staff members who are unable or unwilling to respond to the support provided and improve their performance. practice quitting Nova’s employment ”.

David Bucknall, director of operations for Nova Training, said he was “extremely proud” of Ofsted’s verdict.

He said the provider had “strived to increase our success rates and the quality of our services” over the past 10 years, and had recently expanded to 10 new centers and significantly increased its offering of learning.

He said: “It is an honor for all of our staff who work tirelessly to support young people, ensuring they have the best opportunities to succeed and grow. Without a sustained and focused collective effort, we would not have been able to achieve what we have today. “

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