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Over 60 people attended ILC’s student year-end celebrations this week, with the event taking place at Gather on Gordon.

At 7.15 p.m., after the recognition of the traditional guardians and ancestral lands, Tammy Schinckel began the formal steps with a speech:

” Tonight it’s the party ! Let’s celebrate not only our 12 graduate students, but all students for their accomplishments throughout 2018. Tonight we celebrate the accomplishments of the past 12 months.

“Celebration, by definition, means the act of celebrating an important day or event. This not only includes celebrating an “A” for the very first time; it can work your butt and get a “C”. It can celebrate the improvement in attendance. It can be to celebrate believing in yourself and your abilities again. It can be having the courage to ask for help when you don’t know what you’re doing, or stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new skill.

“Tonight we celebrate all of these things, and more.”

Earlier this year, ILC won a Community Service Award at the Australia Day Awards for the Mental Health Festival, as well as the number of awards they have already won for their community events in the year and their young citizens of the year.

They reconnected with the Naracoorte Men’s Shed and the organization mentored the students throughout the year with Reno Rescue.

The Men’s Shed also built the ILC, a sustainable planter for their yard and the new table for the Community Hub space, which they worked on with the students under the guidance of Tony Hill.

The community continues to embrace ILC students, and there is continued positive feedback about students and their engagement in the learning journey.

The ILC was involved with the Naracoorte Chapter of Soroptimists International, to help organize the candlelight vigil for recognition and awareness of domestic violence.

The Youth Mental Health Ambassador program, launched last year as part of the ILC Mental Health Festival, has continued successfully with all schools in our community.

A number of community organizations have engaged in positive ways with students, making connections, and they were sincerely thanked for their continued support of ILC and the students who attend.

There was also the opportunity to publicly recognize all those additional people who have contributed to the learning journey of these young people:

  • Naracoorte Automotive
  • Naracoorte men’s hangar
  • Naracoorte Art Gallery
  • Naracoorte Public Library
  • Ancient Naracoorte
  • ANZ Bank Naracoorte
  • Pangula Manamurna
  • Credit union of choice
  • Indian pearl cuisine
  • Limestone Coast Career Services
  • Women’s wellness group
  • Target Naracoorte
  • Naracoorte Health and Fitness
  • Advice from Naracoorte Lucindale
  • Free space
  • Housing unit
  • Helloworld Travel
  • Longridge Retirement Village
  • Naracoorte Town Hall
  • Natural resources management board
  • Patrick from Coonawarra
  • Hollicks Vineyard
  • Naracoorte Section of Soroptimists International
  • Lions club
  • Rotary club of Naracoorte
  • Soup on Sunday
  • Pending response
  • Tumbelin – Baptist Uniting Care
  • Naracoorte Caves Conservation Park
  • Company Naracoorte P and A
  • Charlies Surf School
  • Naracoorte Blades
  • The grade guy
  • James Building
  • builder George McWaters
  • Noelene Ferguson
  • Shatarhen Park Equestrian Center
  • Penley Estate Coonawarra
  • Gigii Cafe
  • SE Ford Naracoorte
  • Morris Bakery
  • Flagship wines
  • Bistro Gerrads
  • Naracoorte Trucks and Buses
  • The Avenue Inn
  • William McIntosh
  • Naracoorte News Agency
  • Pfitzner agriculture
  • Naracoorte Aqua Steel
  • Manufacturers Munns
  • Bersee Legal
  • Bull Bros Earthmoving
  • Hage tractors and implements
  • Naracoorte Tyrepower
  • Wickam flower
  • McDonald’s Naracoorte
  • Naracoorte, nourishing land
  • Annie b
  • KB Fitness nutrition and massage
  • Naracoorte laundry center
  • Standing like stone
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Program
  • AC care
  • EFC
  • Smiles all round

“It really takes a village to raise and educate a child,” Tammy said.

Students like Fatima, Samantha, Rebecca, Georgia and Sophie have been celebrated for stepping out of their comfort zone by traveling to Cambodia during their October school vacation, to undertake the construction of a wash house and sanitary block. for The Little School Cafe. The ILC also celebrated the presentation to the community and the presentation to the Lions Club of Naracoorte, which these girls participated in upon their return.

Finally, congratulations went to two students who had 98.7% and 98.3% attendance for the whole year. Well done to Kurt Blake and Emily Poulton, respectively.

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