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Fifty-eight statements against Veolia’s plan to build a waste treatment center in Invermay are unlikely to be enough, an independent consultant recommending it for approval. The development application for the construction of a recycling center at 19-25 Churchill Park Drive, the former Humes concrete manufacturing site, has been recommended for approval by an independent consultant. An independent consultant was used because Launceston City Council has a commercial contract with Veolia for municipal waste collection and recycling since April. Although it is recommended for approval, its approval is subject to 50 conditions ranging from uses to start-up times, including noise and waste storage. In other news: Nine public questions on notice were also received by the board on this matter, seeking clarification and asking if the board would appreciate the plant next door to their home. The reviewer spoke to a group of residents earlier this month, who live close to the site, who raised concerns and felt it was an inappropriate choice. The main concerns were as follows: Some of the concerns were addressed in the DA conditions, except that the concerns about traffic and the safety of other street users were not. Related: Odors and dust must not cause environmental nuisance beyond the limits of the factory. Site noise should not exceed 50 A-weighted decibels between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. and 40 A-weighted decibels between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m. Another was that all feasible measures must be implemented to eradicate, prevent and deter the presence of pests so as not to present an unacceptable risk to health. A start-up and departure time requirement for garbage collection trucks was limited to 5:30 am-6:00pm Monday through Friday for up to three vehicles and 6:00 am-6:00pm for the rest of the trucks. The final decision will rest with advisers on Thursday, who will assess the DA against the planning plan. What do you think? Send us a letter to the editor:


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