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Occupation: Independant consultant
Industry: Non-profit
Age: 49
Location: Bay Area, California
Salary: $120,000
Net value : ~$1.6 million in common (cash: $100,000; non-retirement investments: $300,000; retirement accounts: $450,000; home value: $1.1 million (bought for $500,000) minus the mortgage My husband and I share finances, although we maintain individual checking, savings and credit card accounts as well as joint accounts I am fortunate to work part-time and cover our major expenses (e.g. mortgage, utilities, groceries, etc.) My husband earns a lot less working temporary jobs here and there, and his income is not reflected in our annual salary. and health care, in addition to paying for own personal expenses (i.e. clothing, hobbies, etc.).
Debt: Mortgage balance of $300,000
Paycheck amount (1x/month): $7,000
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
Mortgage: $1,329
Property tax: $750
Home insurance: $100
Gas and electricity: $142
Water: $119
Trash can: $43
Health insurance: $800
Dental insurance: $58.16
HBO Max: $15
Gym: $10
Cellphone: $24.54
MMO game: $4.85

Annual expenses
Car insurance: $900
Umbrella insurance: $240
Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card: $550
AAA Roadside Assistance: $94
Costco Membership: $60

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