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A group of restaurant consultants have come together to form the Independent Foodservice & Hospitality Consultants (IFHC) consortium.

The main objective of the consortium is to promote the use of professional and independent design and management consultants in all aspects of the restaurant and hospitality industry.

The founding members are David Bentley, Roz Burgess, Steve Cole, Kate Gould, Jo Headland, Liz Rose and Jackie Snaith.

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The IFHC was established to provide a forum for professional consultants to liaise with other industry bodies in the development and promotion of standards, guidelines, specifications and legislation relating to the design, implementation and operation of catering and hospitality establishments.

The group and its members will not accept the sponsorship of any manufacturer, contractor or supplier in the operation of the organization or the payment of professional fees.

All IFHC members are independent foodservice design and management consultants who are not affiliated or associated with any manufacturer, contractor or other industry supplier.

All IFHC consultants will work solely by having their professional fees paid directly by the client.

IFHC’s professional consulting members are experienced in all aspects of food service design and management consulting. Its members provide a range of project services and client support.

All consultants listed on the IFHC website are bound by the agreed code of business conduct and ethics and are committed to providing their work to the highest knowledgeable and ethical standards.

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