Brunswick County political parties accuse independent group of improper canvassing


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – The Brunswick County Republican Party and the Brunswick County Democratic Party accuse an independent group known as the Republican Club of North Brunswick of sending members to carry doorstep to solicit voters under the name of another organization.

A Brunswick County woman contacted WECT last month after two women unexpectedly showed up on her doorstep demanding proof that her husband of 100 years is alive. Sara LaVere, Brunswick County Chief Electoral Officer, said she was made aware of the incident and confirmed the county was not responsible for the house call.

The Brunswick County Democratic Party issued a statement later that same week accusing Allison Dunlap, president of the North Brunswick Republican Club, of organizing canvassers to “harass” voters. When WECT contacted Dunlap for comment, she said the North Brunswick Club had not organized any solicitation and asked us to contact a group called NC Audit Force for a statement. WECT has reached out to the group for comment via their website and have not received a response as of press time.

“These election vigilantes are still trying to find evidence of 2020 voter fraud, but more importantly, they are engaging in underhanded voter intimidation tactics,” the Brunswick County Democratic Party said in a statement. February 18 statement on its website.

Bill Moore, the chairman of the Brunswick County Republican Party, recently sent an email to party members informing them of the actions taken by the Republican Club of North Brunswick.

“NBRC management had planned for its staff and others to go door-to-door under the umbrella of another organization,” Moore wrote.

Moore also told members that the Republican Party of North Carolina has informed the Republican Club of North Brunswick that they are no longer permitted to use the Republican “logo” as they are in no way affiliated with the State Party. Moore says the Brunswick County GOP supports the actions taken by the state party.

“These actions caused the Republican Party to be attacked for being racist and trying to suppress voter turnout, despite the Republican Party having no involvement in the planning or execution of the event,” Moore wrote.

The North Carolina Republican Party had no official comment when contacted about the situation.

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