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The band are set to appear on Socialist Telly tonight


A group of eight Liverpool councilors have formed an official independent group within the city council in opposition to the cuts the current mayor is imposing on behalf of the Tory-imposed commissioners – and welcomed by Starmer.

Councilors Alan Gibbons, Alison Clarke, Rona Heron, Joanne Calvert – the daughter of former Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson – and Alfie Hinks joined forces with three others, including former Lord Mayor Anna Rothery, who had already left the Labor Party disgusted by Keir Starmer’s war. about the membership, about party democracy and about Liverpool itself, as well as the ingrained racism of the Labor right.

Councilors all voted in February against sweeping cuts to vital services budgeted by Mayor Joanne Anderson and council leadership, who are toeing their party leader’s line in welcoming the appointment of Tory commissioners to swing the axe. The group is only missing four councilors to form the official opposition to the council.

The group’s councilors said they refused to vote to make life harder for the residents they represent and that the party was failing them and the local population in its eagerness to cooperate with the Tories’ assault on the city. Keir Starmer has been waging his own war against Liverpool since shoving his way into the leader’s chair, writing for the hated Murdoch S*n, interfering in candidate selection, disenfranchising local members and names a ‘Liverpool officer’ who had left Labor to campaign for the now defunct and still politically bankrupt Change UK, is known to many as the ‘funny Tinge’ party due to members’ racist comments founders.

Members of the new group are due to appear on Socialist Telly tonight from 8 p.m. To watch Facebook, Youtube or Twitter and participate in the show via comments on Facebook and YouTube.

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