7 best freelance home consultant jobs


Maybe you are tired of commuting to and from the office or looking for ways to earn some extra income, whatever your case is, take a look at our list of best freelance home consultant jobs.

Working from home can be great for the right person. Some people are more productive and efficient in an office environment, while others can do the same amount (or more) of work from the comfort of their own homes. For me, I would prefer the option of choosing between the two, so that I could have the best of both worlds. For example, I could spend Monday working from home, recovering from a busy weekend, but then I could go to the office on Tuesday.

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If you’d rather never have to walk into an office, researching the best freelance home consultant jobs is a fantastic idea. I wouldn’t blame you. Standing side by side in an overcrowded, hot and smelly train or bus gets old, fast. Working from home has many advantages. For example, you can manage your household, raise your children while being at home, and the time you can spare without traveling, you can spend it relaxing, playing sports, having fun with family and friends or simply indulge yourself in your bathtub with candles and soft music. The possibilities are limitless. On top of all that, you can do pretty much anything you need for a job, right from your computer since almost everything is computerized and automated these days. This means that there are plenty of remote work opportunities, as well as competitive salaries.

However, I should also mention the downsides of these jobs: one can easily forget time while working or be too distracted leading to lack of productivity. We therefore suggest that you avoid this trap and find out what works best for you with minimal distractions. If you’re looking for home-based sales jobs, you can check out our previous article on Good Home-Selling Products. You can get great advice on what products are good to sell at home.

According to MBO Partners, about 40% of private sector employees in the United States work or have worked as independent consultants during their career. The best part is that independent consultants can work in virtually any career field available. As a freelance consultant, you are essentially a non-employee working for a company. Some people use the titles “independent” or “small business owner”, but they’re pretty much all the same.

To compile our list of various freelance home consulting jobs, we started by searching for jobs online and headhunter sites like Freelance Consultant Salaries in United States and Independent consultant jobs. We’ve researched the highest paying jobs based on reviews, employers, employees, and customers. Our list is ordered by median annual salary that we found, based on our research.

Brush up on your resume and skills, and take a look at our list of the best freelance home consultant jobs.

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