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Gearbox officially announces Homeworld 3, releases debut trailer

Gearbox and Blackbird Interactive have officially announced Homeworld 3. Homeworld 3 is the true sequel to the legendary space-faring RTS that promises to return the series to its roots with a gripping continuation of the story, fully 3D combat, and the classic RTS elements you expect.

What’s really interesting here is that Gearbox launched a FIG crowd-funding campaign for this new Homeworld game. According to the FIG page, the campaign will end on September 30th. However, the game has already been funded.

With Homeworld 3, the team’s first priority is to deliver a game that immediately looks, sounds, and feels like Homeworld. Blackbird aims to nail that incredible scale of space and conflict and deliver a powerful story that picks up just at the end of Homeworld 2. For music, Paul Ruskay reprises his role as composer to ensure we nail the iconic soundscape that fans remember. Homeworld 3 will also deliver best-in-class fleet combat in fully-3D space. Furthermore, the game will support multiplayer modes/options.

Rob Cunningham, CEO of BBI, said:

“Homeworld 3 is the last word in epic space combat. It will capture the mood and tone of Homeworld and deliver it in an exactly expected and juicy, lovely way. There will be an extension of the story that’s totally satisfying with some interesting twists and turns, and locations that I think will blow some minds and resonate with existing fans and new fans alike.”

Gearbox aims to release Homeworld 3 in Q4 2022. In addition, the publisher released its debut trailer that you can find below.


Homeworld 3 - Announce Trailer