Indomitus – Closed Beta Starts On June 13th

Koram Games announced today that the closed beta phase of their browser-based MMORTS, Indomitus, will begin on June 13th. This closed beta will be for a limited time and will last till June 27th. We should note however that all accounts, characters and information will be deleted when this closed beta phase ends.
The company has also announced some key events that will help players during the closed beta testing period. Those who login and create a character will receive receive a 5,000 Gold as a welcome package and 1,000 Gold each and every day the login to the game. Moreover, players that hunt the closed beta’s bugs will receive additional rewards when the Open Beta begins. Last but not least, if there is any tribe to capture all the cities during the closed beta, the top 200 players of that kingdom will receive a reward.
Indomitus is a free-to-play browser-based MMORTS, that promises to offer more combat modes than any previous browser-based strategy game. It will also feature some RPG elements, as well as deep and tactical battles.
Those interested can visit its official website.